Journal History

EJC/REC began publication in 1991.  Initial issues of
EJC/REC were edited by scholars with established reputations on specific  topics within the communication field.  The first issue addressed the topic of "Q Methodology and Communication:
Theory and Applications" and was edited by Irvin Goldman of the University of Windsor and Steven Brown of Kent State University. Goldman and Brown, acknowledged heirs to the scholarly legacy of
psychologist and communication theorist William Stephenson, who invented Q methodology, identified noted scholars in the area, invited contributions to the issue, and supervised the reviewing process.

Since EJC/REC originated in Canada, there have been efforts to create a journal that is bilingual in certain aspects of its presentation and in some of its focuses. Editorial duties were distributed originally between James Winter of the University of Windsor
(English-speaking editor) and Claude Martin of the University of Montreal (French-speaking editor).  EJC has continued to offer French translations of article abstracts and editorial introductions to issues devoted to special topics.  Teresa M. Harrison took on the role of managing editor in 1994.